Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Basic Arduino Triva Buzzer System Schematic

So it had been a while since I'd checked the comments to see if there were any non-spam comments.  Turns out at least two people wanted a schematic for the circuit I was using for my trivia buzzer system.  I whipped this together using gEDA on Ubuntu.

To find the value of the resistor needed, use an LED resistor calculator.  The pins used with the Player Buzzers would include any of the pins listed in the "user" array in my sketch, and the LED pins are in the "led" array.

If you're looking for some cheap circuit components, I'd suggest Thai Shine.  If I recall correctly, I ordered these LEDs and these pushbutton switches.  Unfortunately, Thai Shine doesn't list the forward voltage and current for the LEDs, and I don't remember them offhand.  When I can con my girlfriend into helping me make the rest of the handheld buzzers, I'll put up a new post with the schematic for that and provide additional details for the LEDs and resistors.  This should be enough to get you started.

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