Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Arduino: One Trivia Handheld Buzzer Complete

I've completed the first of my 25 planned handheld buzzers for my trivia buzzer system.  I've embedded a short video showing that it actually works below:

The handheld buzzer is made from 3/4" thin-walled PVC pipe cut to 4" in length with an end cap on each end.  My brother used his drill press jig (I think that's what it's called) to cut a ~3/8" square hole in the bottom end cap.  This wasn't quite big enough for the RJ11/12 keystone jack, meaning I had to take a metal file to it to expand the cutout so it would fit.

For the top end cap, I drilled 3 holes: one for the momentary push button switch and 2 for each of the 3mm red LEDs.  The LEDs are wired in series with a 56ohm resistor for the Arduino's 5V output.  I'll include more detailed wiring schematics and part information after I'm sure I'm satisfied with how things are working.

I've included a couple more pictures below.  I'll add some more, in better lighting, next time.  I was a little pressed for time today and the flat black spray paint doesn't help with lighting either.

Bottom end cap before painting.  The edges are pretty rough, but they were less noticeable after painting.  Considering this is the bottom of the device, I'm not going to stress out about making it look perfect.

Finished handheld buzzer.

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