Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gone longer than expected

Well, I made it back to the USA without any trouble.  Unfortunately, as soon as I got back 2 weeks ago, I had to drive to Boston for work.  So rather than have time to post about my experiences in science and medicine while in China, I've been helping students study for the MCAT so they too can experience the joys of medical school (I'm not sure myself if that last part is sarcasm). 

I'm having a great time here in Boston.  The amount of nerd humor I've experienced while around some of the best MCAT instructors in the country has been absolutely mind boggling!  However, I simply do not have enough time to give Verbatio the attention it deserves.  So I will not plan on posting to Verbatio until I finish my work here in Boston and return home.  It's funny, I never would have thought I'd have MORE time for blogging while I was actually in medical school compared to while I was on summer break

I have a few posts concerning China that I will try to finish and post while I'm here, but I suggest you get outside and enjoy the amazing summer weather while you can.  See you in August!

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