Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Revisited: Kobo Books

A while back, I expressed my dissatisfaction with Kobo Books on the Palm Pre.  One thing I will say is that Kobo has done an excellent job in responding to my bug reports.  Compared to many companies that will just leave such problems unnoticed, I really have to commend Kobo for the effort.  Here's the current status on my previous concerns:
  1. Downloading books and adding bookmarks:  This was solved with an update to the Kobo Books app on March 9.  The problems appeared to be due to changes made in a WebOS update.  So it took them a little over a week to fix the problem.  Not as fast as I'd like, but not bad.
  2. Cutting off text at end of chapter:  They are aware of the problem, and they have been very good about keeping in contact with me about it.  They had difficulty reproducing it at first, so it seems to be pretty isolated based on the text display settings and just how it happens to paginate each chapter.  From the sound of it, it doesn't seem to be a widespread problem.  Still, this is an extremely annoying bug.  Although they did offer me a refund if it can't be resolved, which was comforting.
  3. Wasted space in UI: They passed the idea along to the development team.  Whether anything actually happens about that... who knows.
They are far from fixing the problems, but I do appreciate it when a company takes the time to respond to user issues and requests.  I'm still not on board with buying any more eBooks from them until they address issues #2 and #3 above, but I haven't written them completely off.

Another thing I will say is that their price for one of the books I'm interested in reading, No One Would Listen, was down to $9.99 before Amazon's Kindle price was.  They're the same now, but Kobo was cheaper by about $6 for a week or so that I noticed.  I'd still suggest Kindle for your eBooks, but it wouldn't hurt to check Kobo as well to see if they're cheaper.  If you can save yourself some money, it might be worth giving Kobo a shot.  Perhaps the software is better on other phones/devices.  If it is, let me know!

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