Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hidden Empire

I'm in the process of reading Hidden Empire, the sequel to Orson Scott Card's Empire. I can't always force myself to read my histology or physiology textbooks, but for some reason I always find time to read Orson Scott Card's newest books.

Anyway, for those of you who haven't read the 1st book, Empire was set in the near future and basically takes a look at what would happen if disagreements between liberals and conservatives were to escalate towards an actual civil war. Granted this is a hyperbolic sci-fi-ish look at the situation, but if you take the story as a whole, it can be a bit disturbing when you see so many similarities to what's going on in America today. I think Empire is one of Card's best books, and he does an excellent job of merging modern, relevant political topics with engaging science fiction. Hidden Empire has been great so far, and I'm looking forward to finishing it within the next week or so. I'll be sure to post a review then. In the meantime, check out Empire if you haven't already. It's only $8 on Amazon.

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